The Dinosaur's New Shoes
Dinosaurs New Shoes
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Welcome to Helping Tales Publishers

Welcome to the world of Helping Tales Publishers books where we are committed to making reading a positive impact on the world by helping those in need, one story at a time. In order to fulfill our mission, we donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of our books to select charities and groups. We do this by creating kids books that are entertaining, inspiring, and educational.

Our childrens books are created for children of all ages. Always remember when you purchase one of our books you help the world be a little better for those in need simply by reading.

5 Stars Award Winning Book Reviews

"Great book! This author is great and his books tell a great message that the world needs. Anyone that has a pet and or has lost a pet this is the book to get."


The Final Pet Stop: Great Book for Yound and Old Alike!

"What a remarkable book, I have all of the books from this author. Wonderful stories that teach great lessons."


The Final Pet Stop: Wonderful story, so touching

"What an amazing book! This book is so beautifully written and illustrated and will help so many people, big and small. Dealing with loss is difficult and this book certainly eases the pain by teaching us important lessons that we can all share. The generosity of Helping Tales Publishers is also something to be commended. Not only will your spirits be lifted when dealing with loss, but others will also be given the gift of donation from the sale of each book. Bravo HTP!!"


The Final Pet Stop: Beautiful book!!

"I really enjoyed this book. It is for adults, as well as children. I would love to see these books used in schools to teach children to be kind to animals. Pit Bulls can be super sweet and good dogs. We judge them by their looks and breed, before giving them a chance to prove themselves. This story takes us on a journey where a little pup, his litter mates and mom are living a hard core life. Rescuers come in the nick of time. Good book for all dog lovers."

The Contented Cat

The Most Incredible Journey - A Pibble's Path: Beautiful book!!

"Thank you to James and Timothy for writing this much-needed book about the plight and misconceptions regarding this very misunderstood breed. This book is great for adults and children alike, and provides education on the actual, loving nature of the pit bull. I have bought several copies for myself and friends. The stories about real-life rescued pitbulls are heartbreaking and heartwarming alike. Bravo - a must read!"

Owner of a Rescued Pitbull

The Most Incredible Journey - A Pibble's Path: This book is great for adults and children alike

"Love all the books by the author and illustrator!! Definitely recommend all these books by Helping Tales Publishers!!!"


The Most Incredible Journey - A Pibble's Path: Beautifully written!

"Great book for anyone who loves pitbulls and other bully breeds."


The Most Incredible Journey - A Pibble's Path: Five Stars

"What a remarkable book, great story, great lesson for my Grandkids. Remarkable illustrations that kept the kids excited all the way through the story. At the end they all loved Teddy."


The Dinosaur's New Shoes: REMARKABLE!!!

"This is must for parents, and what you should be reading to kids tonight. I loved the message of anti-bullying, teaching children that it is ok to help others if being bullied, and that it is OK to tell an adult. I also loved the cute rhymes. Just a great little children's book parents and teachers can entertain their kids in a positive light!"


The Dinosaur's New Shoes: Read This To Your Kids Tonight!

"Delightful illustrations and story. It touches on bullying and how a child can deal with it, but in a very light, sweet way. It is about befriending others, doing good (anonymous) deeds, and "paying it forward." A very upbeat, colorful, fun book that children and adults will love!"


The Dinosaur's New Shoes: Sweet story. It's about befriending others.

"This is a brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated book on one of the most important subjects facing our youth today, bullying. I believe it is so important to teach our children at an early age about kindness, compassion and how to stop/prevent bullying. Too many senseless child/teen/young adult deaths have been caused because of bullying and people everywhere need to take a stand! I encourage everyone with children of all ages to get a copy of this charming book and read it to them. This is an important topic that needs to be addressed with our children and this book is the perfect way to open up that conversation."

Texas Girl

The Dinosaur's New Shoes: Thoughtfully written book on an important subject!

"Great book for dog lovers of all ages! I love the artwork and it gives a fun, whimzical look into the day in the life of our fuzzy dog friends."

Amazon Customer

Patches' Awesome Day: Yeah patches

"This book is great for young and old. Mr. Martinez's skill for capturing what Patches is thinking obviously comes from experience in working with dogs. Funny and sweet. Illustrations just perfect. Best part is the donation to rescues from every sale. Hope we see more from this new author."


Patches' Awesome Day: A Delight To Read and Share

"My daughter and I loved reading Patches' Awesome day together. We enjoyed the heart felt story and laughed at how true to life the dog's mannerisms were. In the day to day life of a dog, may they all have an awesome day like Patches!"

Texas Girl

Patches' Awesome Day: Soooo Cute!

"Great Illustrations. Funny story. Must read for a cute dog adventure in his neighborhood. The book company,, donates to nonprofit organizations. Feel good purchase."


Patches' Awesome Day: Feel good mind and soul

Helping Tales Publishers Featured Children's Books

The Word Thief

The Word Thief is the story of a grandmother teaching her grandson about dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

The Final Pet Stop

This book is for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. The book explores the question: “Where do our pets go on the final day?”

The Dinosaur's New Shoes

This award winning book is recommended by (major anti-bullying site) and helps teach children how to properly confront bullies.

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