"Helping those in need, one story at a time."

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Helping Tales Publishers is committed to making reading a positive impact on the world by helping those in need, one story at a time. In order to fulfill this mission, we donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of our childrens books to select charities and groups.

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The Word Thief

The Word Thief is the story of a grandmother teaching her grandson about dementia and alzheimer's disease. It does this in a fanciful way and puts it in the context of her words being stolen. It empowers the grandson and helps him understand that changes will come and that no matter what, that the love she has for him will never disappear and that by looking with his heart, he will always see her there. It is from the award-winning team at Helping Tales Publishers.


Cooper: A Rescue Dog's Tale Coloring and Activity Book

Cooper: A Rescue Dog's Tale coloring and activity book is a heartwarming and fun story. It follows Cooper, a rescue pup on his quest for a forever home. The rhyming story, beautiful illustrations, and fun-filled activities will help educate people on how to aid in the rescue of pets. Cooper: A Rescue Dog's Tale is based on a true story and brought to life by the talented folks at Helping Tales Publishers. The goal is to help educate and inspire people to get involved in helping animals in need.


The Final Pet Stop (Patches the Dog Book 2)

This book is for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. The Final Pet Stop explores the question: “Is there a place that all pets go on that final day?” Follow along with Patches the dog and his friends in this heartfelt and lyrical tale as they give us a glimpse into the wonderful place known as “The Final Pet Stop.” The book is beautifully illustrated and has a sure way of reaching anyone going through a time of grief.


The Dinosaur's New Shoes (Teddy T-Rex Book 1)

This award winning book is recommended by Pacer.org (one of the largest anti-bullying sites) The Dinosaur's New Shoes is a wonderfully inspiring story about Teddy T-Rex, a young dinosaur that, when he sees someone being bullied, stands up to the bully, instead of just being a bystander. This story helps to teach children how to properly confront bullies and demonstrates how, through empathy, compassion and caring for others, that bullying can be overcome and eliminated. This book provides a way to open a fun dialogue with children, parents, and educators through a lovable and engaging role model, named Teddy T-Rex, with whom they can identify and follow his example. This book also includes resources for kids, parents and educators on anti-bullying, such as how to identify a bully, who may be at risk, and how to properly respond to bullying. Parents and children will love the wonderful life lessons found in this book. “The Dinosaur’s New Shoes” will inspire all readers to change the world by helping those in need.


The Most Incredible Journey: A Pibbles Path

If you love Pit Bulls, you will love this book. It paints Pit bulls in a beautiful light. We are taken along on an eye-opening journey of a pit bull from captivity and abuse, to the finding of it's forever home that it always dreamed of. All of this is done through the dog's eyes in wonderful verse and beautiful illustrations. This book shows how the power of love and patience of volunteers changed a dog’s fate. This book highlights the abuse of pit bulls and questions the negative stereotypes of pit bulls of the media. The Most Incredible Journey: A Pibble’s Path is a must-read for all pit bull lovers.


Diamonds in the Ruff

Everybody has the ability to step up and help those in need. People throughout the world can offer their time, money and love by volunteering. Diamonds in the Ruff is a delightful story about the rewarding world of volunteering, helping those in need, and discovering the inner beauty that is within us all. Readers will cherish this story about a mom and her son volunteering at an animal shelter and their desire to make a difference. They'll be charmed by the son’s compassion and his donation of money to the shelters’ dog grooming fund that helps “Ruff looking” dogs get groomed. The grooming the fund pays for allows the dog’s inner to show, helping them find their forever homes. Readers will be moved by the imagery the words paint and delighted by the fun illustrations. Most of all, they’ll discover how each of us has the power to help, and make a difference, and with a little spare change, MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE!


Patches' Awesome Day (Patches the Dog Book 1)

Patches is our favorite little dog with a big wet nose. In Patches’ Awesome Day, Patches invites us to come along and share his day, reminding us the importance of smiling, laughter, playing, and friends. This rhyming little dog story will soon be a beloved children's classic and will have kids of all ages rolling on the floor with laughter.


Un Maravilloso Dia Con Patches (El Perro Patches Book 1) (Spanish Edition)

Patches es un perro pequeño con una nariz húmeda. Todos están invitados a venir y compartir un día en la vida de Patches y reconocer como sonreír, reír y disfrutar de su día. El autor demuestra que un día en la vida de un perro puede ser alegre y nos muestra cómo las cosas simples de la vida pueden ser divertidas. Este libro sigue un día de aventuras en la vida de Patches. Te hará reír a carcajadas, independientemente de tu edad. Es encantador para los niños, divertido, escrito en rima y será una experiencia de pura alegría.

“Helping those in need, one story at a time.”

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